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ISO 9001 is an international business standard that specifies criteria for Quality Management System to improvement products, processes or performances...


Certification of this standard is intended for all fields of business. ISO 9001 is an international business standard that specifies criteria for documentation, implementation and certification of the Quality Management System. Quality Management is a major management task covers organized actions for the improvement of products, processes or performances and can be implemented to all organizations regardless of their size, activity and legal status. ISO 9001 Certification standard is known as the Quality Management System. This standard is a generic, applicable standard for all organizations, regardless of size, type, and services or product provided. A Quality Management System (QMS) helps to identify opportunities and to fulfil the requirements of customers, suppliers or other interested parties. It also allows organizations to optimize their processes, while at the same time reducing costs. Also, helps to Control processes – secure quality – gain competitive advantages Quality – especially the quality of processes and results – is and will continue to be an essential competitive factor, if not the most decisive one. The certified organizations is certain to conduct its activities according to a globally recognized standard.

What is the benefits of this standard?

Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification • Improve the performance of QMS processed. • Enhance customer satisfaction. • Improve business and performance huge improvement. • Reduce customer complaints. • Enhance organization employee’s competency. • Improve the Compliance and awareness about customer requirements, • Comply with statutory & regulatory requirements, within the organization. • Better control of organization processes. • Improve organizations marketability.